Academic and Industry Affiliations:

School Affiliations:

Entrancemaster facilitates Academic and Industry affiliations for its clients. If you plan to set up as school and seeks affiliation to a particular Board, be it  ICSE, CBSE, State Boards, Cambridge (IGCSE) or IB, we are there to help you from filling up the application form to getting the recognition to implementing the curriculum in classrooms and even managing it under BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) mode.

University Affiliations:

In case of University affiliations or getting UGC and AICTE approvals too, we can help you from scratch to the zenith.

Industry Affiliations:

If you are looking for industry affiliations, we are there to help you through National Genius Search Foundation with whom we have tied up for this. In certain industries, the total placement of your academic produce is also possible.

Oversees Affiliations:

If you are looking for overseas university / school / board affiliations or collaborations, Entrancemaster can search for the best and economically affordable overseas university with high reputation and the most sought after courses / programs and set up such programs for you and run the same under BOT for you.