Student Empowerment Programs (SEP): Class VIII - X

The details of various Student Empowerment Programs ( SEPs)  held in school campuses are as follows:

SEP for Class X Students:
Students in Class X require a little different approach so that they can fine-tune their skills towards scoring 100% in all their subjects.  SEP is an attempt towards this, along with the Student Empowerment Program for Class X. During this process, we also ensure that students will acquire strong base in respective subjects and can take on exams like IIT –JEE, PMT, MH-CET etc, at homely ease, after Class X. Students those who enroll for SEP need not engage any other supplementary tuitions outside. There will be separate training sessions for weak students to push them above average level. All the subjects including English,Sanskrit, Hindi etc. will be taught under this program. These lectures will be held after the school timings and on Sundays and holidays. Under this program, we ensure that students will get whatever they ask for, in academics.

The SEP & SCORE 100 Syllabus
The syllabi consist of all topics of all subjects meant for CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE  Class X. The SCORE100 program is created after the relevant topics are researched with a view to enable an average student score much higher and bright student score 100% in the Board Examination. At the same time we shall also focus on giving deeper knowledge of the concepts. Point specific reading material shall be provided to students with a lot of solved and unsolved examples for every concept taught. The illustrations and photographs shall develop crystal clear clarity in the topics discussed.

Subjects, Duration & Schedule
The Class X SEP Program shall be for one year and the it runs parallel with Class X CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE . All days, except a weekday and inclusive of Sundays and holidays during Class X will be devoted exclusively for SCORE 100 Preparation. All the SEP lectures will be held in the school’s own campus.

Assignments & Tests

Separate SCORE 100 written Assignments shall be taken from the students on each topic. These questions shall be focusing on a predetermined pattern towards scoring 100% in CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE . There will be plenty of Topicwise and Subjectwise Tests that can instill strong confidence in students.

Student Empowerment Programs (SEP) for Class VIII & IX

The Syllabus
Instill investigative intelligence. That’s the mantra. The syllabi will consist of all the important topics meant for the respective class (VIII, IX & X) of the CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE . At a higher level, the futuristic component of the course has enough elements which are required for a Foundation Course in IIT – JEE / AIPMT. Elaborate reading material shall be provided to students with a lot of examples from the practical daily life for every concept taught. This ensures development of curiosity in whatever they see, feel and study. The illustrations, photographs and visuals shall develop crystal clear clarity in the topics discussed. The reading material shall sufficiently cover the syllabi of NTSE, Homi Bhaba Young Genius examination, Olympiads, National Genius Search Examination, etc. We extend our support for training Class IX & X students in Mathematics and Science at a higher breadth and width. This will empower them bolder to take competitive exams head on.

Lectures & Faculty:
The best visiting faculty is engaged for the students. Most of our teachers and content developers are hand picked from well-known institutions like University of Mumbai, IIT, IIG, BARC etc.  The teachers are really the best you have ever enjoyed and have intellectual reservoirs of greater depth to draw from.
The Lectures will be held on  weekdays, Sundays and holidays, except religious holidays.
Trained young teachers who can really instill scientific exploring skills shall deliver the lectures. The teachers are handpicked, trained and adapted with the latest scientific developments. They constantly update their knowledge to keep pace with the changing scenario. The prime motive of these lectures shall be the development of practical skills from Book to life and sharpening the overall reasoning capacity. We constantly arrange visiting lectures on various subjects / topics by intellectuals and experts from prestigious institutions like TIFR, BARC, IIT, TISS, IIG etc.

Study Materials

Study Material with solved examples and assignments will be provided for SEP. These lessons are in the form of sets and shall be distributed in the classroom from time to time. Each lesson will contain theory synopsis in a highly classified and well-researched format. The intention of the same is to help you remember & quickly retrieve information, which will make you to solve multiple-choice questions rapidly & precisely. Focus will be on developing exploration skills and quest for more knowledge rather than bombarding a lot of junk material on students.


Vast numbers of Livewire written Assignments are to be solved by the students on each topic. These questions shall test their depth of understanding of the concepts, analyzing skills and the ability to draw rapid and right conclusions. We ensure that these questions won't take much time to answer and hence do not have much impact on the time factor, at a later stage.

The study material of the topic shall have a section on activity, which students can experiment on their leisure time.

Paper & Pen Testing

Tests are very carefully designed to test the students at every stage of the course. Periodic tests of half an hour to one – hour duration shall be held in order to access their overall development.

Short Tests :
On each topic, there will be a short test of 15 MCQ's to be solved in 15 minutes. These tests are designed and structured in such a way that the entire topic gets revised fully, once it is solved in the classroom. Short tests are also held in the CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE  pattern.

Unit Tests :
Unit tests will be held in MCQ Pattern. This is a cumulative test based on the subjects comprising each unit, thus facilitating revision of the subjects by the student. Detailed explanatory answers would be provided for each Unit Test. Unit tests are also held in the CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE  pattern.

Booster Doze Tests :
For each and every test you solve in the classroom, we shall do thorough analysis of all questions
and it is obvious that a handful of questions fall under difficult category as per a preset criteria. Such very difficult questions shall be ultimately compiled into tests, which are called Booster Doze Tests. These tests are held both in MCQ and CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE  pattern.

Commencement of Lectures:
Classes will commence from first week of April, every year in the School Campus.

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