Complete Corporate Training Solutions:

Entrancemaster provides training and educational consulting services that address a broad range of learning needs throughout the enterprise. We help our customers achieve their business goals by bridging the gap between current skills and required capabilities. Design, develop and implement customized education solutions including training, documentation and integrated learning solutions that improve organizational performance.

We deliver customized training programs designed to address specific learning needs of corporate world under various domains.

Corporate eLearning:

If eLearning is being considered as the delivery media for a training program, Entrancemaster can work with your organization in designing and developing successful technology based learning programs.  While building eLearning Solutions for you, we work with you in evaluating and selecting the appropriate delivery media (web-based training, CD-ROM or Computer Based Training or virtual classrooms, instructor lead or otherwise) as well as delivering a solution that is highly interactive while meeting your budgetary needs. 

Effective Instructional Design:

Entrancemaster can apply their comprehensive knowledge and expertise in designing the learning strategy for your company.  By applying a systematic approach, we can effectively assess and catalog the learning needs of your organization.  We will then provide a high level design of the curriculum that will address these needs. In addition to curriculum recommendations, Entrancemaster will identify the most effective blended approach to delivery of curriculum where we identify the most effective mechanism for delivery of this training (eLearning, CBT, virtual-classroom,  self-paced, instructor lead or otherwise).

Entrancemaster’s comprehensive blended training programs are designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated to achieve your performance improvement objectives. By leveraging industry’s best practices and many years of experience, we develop solutions that achieve Accelerated Learning, Improved performance and Measurable Results.  Throughout the program development, we work by our Client and we believe in

Optimum Thinking;
Minimum Work ;
Maximum Results.

Instructor Lead Corporate Training:

In instances where subject-matter, audience requirements, or other overlying learning and / or business objectives suggest the use of more traditional instructor-lead training, Entrancemaster works closely with our client partners and designated subject-matter experts in building successful training materials.  The materials will typically include a Participant Guide and comprehensive instructor materials.

Project Management:

Our professional project managers ensure a successful project that is on-time, on-budget, and achieves rigorous quality standards.
Entrancemaster partners with you to allow you to retain control of key decisions that have an impact on your project and budget. We utilize  rapid prototype/design document to decrease development time. Our flexible approach allows us to respond to changes in your business environment.

 Online Help and Documentation:

Entrancemaster has a strong track record in the creation of a broad range of documentation including Policy & Procedure Manuals, Software User Guides, Programming Documentation, Technical White Papers and Marketing Materials.  Our Resource Team has the expertise in both paper-based and on-line documentation techniques, as well as experience with all the popular documentation and online help tools.

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