Corporate Learning Content eConversion:

Corporate Learning curricula need to be digitalized for better delivery to the learners, depends on which mode the education is imparted. Content creation need to be done differently for in campus training and for distance learning. Entrancemaster has taken up Corporate Learning Content eConversion Management and has vast domain experience in converting raw content into energized digital content. We are also dealing in sub modules like - Non-Digital to Digital Media Conversion, Digital to Digital Media Conversion apart from fresh Content Creation, Content Management, Text book conversion into animated flash files, Virtual Laboratories, Content Publishing, XML Management and E-catalog Management etc., depends on the requirements of the Corporates and the modules.

Content eConversion Management is an art for its effective delivery and desired impact among learners. It requires clearer understanding and razor sharp focus and high level of domain knowledge of the subject dealing with in order to create effective instructional material and visuals for the relevant age groups. Our team of Instructional Designers, Content Experts and Visualizers are the one among the best in India in developing focused digital content with extremely high acceptance levels.

If you are looking for enhanced punch in the Corporate Learning content converted digitally, contact us for more, now.