Corporate Project Management:

Entrancemaster has a separate Corporate Project Management team with several years of Corporate and Technical Instructional Design  and Management.

Once we take up a project, Our team analysis the exact scope of the project, learners profile work flow of the client etc. , before devising the most appropriate customised leaning solution.  Anything in Corporate Training Management – from conceiving the project to designing effective instructional design, running programs / courses for you under BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer ) mode, revamping the content to leaner assessment, using various internet / intranet collaboration tools, and what not? You just name anything in academics; we define it, implement it and run for you, wherever you are.

Our professional project managers ensure a successful project that is on-time, on-budget, and achieves rigorous quality standards.

Entrancemaster partners with you to allow you to retain control of key decisions that have an impact on your project and budget. We utilize with rapid prototype/design document to decrease development time. Our flexible approach allows us to respond to changes in your business environment.

Smooth development and Implementation of your project is just a phone call away.