Decision Sciences & Reputation Management:

Dr. Hossein Arsham says, Decision Science (DS) is concrete mathematical or logical method and tool for solving problems relating to the allocation of scarce resources subject to constraints. Such problems have to do with determining the least cost or greatest profit possible for a cost or profit function subject to constraints such as capacities and required amounts over a very large number of variables. The growing trends in DS increasingly utilize applications of more than one technique and involve individuals from various disciplines. The field of DS is always changing. Its changes are driven by the technology it uses and that it extends, and the applications that it affects.

Information and knowledge are in abundance but the question that arises is what would be appropriate to choose at the right time and right place.  How one can turn small information through decision sciences into developing killer application in Reputation Management (RM) and enhance the reputation of your university, institution or a specific course, exponentially.

Decision Sciences play a key role in optimizing reputation management in the least time. It is an art on which institutions can thrive without spending money on infrastructure, advertisement and intensive publicity promotion. When we take up Decision Sciences & Reputation Management (DSRM) of your university, you spend less money than the conventional approach and save a lot of your priceless time in this catalytic activity.  While we make you reach to the zenith easily in the least time, you can focus on faculty and academics. If you want these to be managed by us that is also possible.

In History we learn that, once upon a time the Raja of Kochi was threatened of an attack through a messenger if he would not surrender to the Portuguese by the next morning. The Raja saw Portuguese warships far away in the sea. He also knew that he had very less arms and ammunition to fight the Portuguese and hence the defeat was imminent. The brave Raja of Kochi, called his deputies and asked them to cut some of the coconut trees on the seashore at a certain height and paint them with black, before next dawn.

What happened next is again history – The Portuguese went back as they saw cannons on display at the seashore, next morning. Thus, peace was permanently established there.

In the same way, at Entrancemaster, we can help you identify your unknown strengths and devise killer applications for you. These can easily trigger tsunamis that help you conquer continents without force!

Would you like to develop a killer application using DSRM and create history?

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