Decision Sciences & Reputation Management: Colleges

All our Colleges maintain very high energy levels. Yet in this nuclear ‘iGen’ age, learners find it difficult to get the right knowledge at the right point of time in the righteous manner.  Most of our colleges have good infrastructure and lot of money.  But when it comes to academic delivery, most of them perform very poor and fail to produce employable products.

The National Knowledge Commission, headed by Sam Pitroda is too busy in bringing ‘iage’ solutions to the Indian youth. Foreign Universities will soon have a free entry into India. Can you believe that India is going to become an international education hub for Asia pacific region, if not for the whole world  and Dollar depreciation will add more catalytic activity to this?

Then where do we stand among them? Most of our Colleges need thought masters to have strategic  planning and devising synergies to remain always ahead in view of unpredictable rapid climatic changes of very high momentum happening in the emerging education scenario.  It is time for Colleges and their groups to think why IIM Ahmadabad is not advertising to have intensive publicity but still it could build up reputation (Reputation Management is key) and for  students, how it has become the most sought after institution?

Reputation Management becomes easy when you can you have the tools to look the furthest and have the ability to extract just the required information from millions of pieces of junk material.  Where to look at what speed matters. How one can turn a small and relevant bit of information into developing a killer application in Reputation Management (RM) and enhance exponentially the reputation of the College?

Decision Sciences plays a key role in optimizing reputation management in the least time. It is an art on which institutions can thrive without blowing up money on infrastructure, advertisement and hype creation. When we take up Decision Sciences & Reputation Management (DSRM) of your university, you spent less than the conventional approach and save a lot of your priceless time in this catalytic activity.  While we make your reach to the zenith easy in the least time, you can focus on faculty and academics. If you want these too be managed by us, that too possible!

In History we learn that, once upon a time the Raja of Kochi was threatened of an attack through a messenger if he would not surrender to the Portuguese by the next morning. The Raja saw Portuguese warships far away in the sea. He also knew that he had very less arms and ammunition to fight the Portuguese and hence the defeat was imminent. The brave Raja of Kochi, called his deputies and asked them to cut some of the coconut trees on the seashore at a certain height and paint them with black, before next dawn.

What happened next is again history – The Portuguese went back as they saw cannons on display at the seashore, next morning. Thus, peace was permanently established there.

In the same way, at Entrancemaster, we can help you identify your unknown strengths and devise killer applications for you. These can easily trigger tsunamis that help you conquer continents without force!  

Would you like to develop a killer application for your College using DSRM (Decision Sciences & Reputation Management) and create history?

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