Institutional Excellence Program – IEP

Every institution wants to be Excellent- Excellent in terms of academics, Faculty, students and infrastructure. In India, most of our institutions lack the first two and hence loose the power to attract the best set of students to its campus.

Entrancemaster is all set to fill this vacuum with its breed of best academic practices, effective instructional design, focused effective assignments and faculty with high level of intellectual reservoirs of larger breadth and depth to draw from.  This is always supplemented with the latest and innovative tools over the net in an optimized academic environment. Industry / corporate readiness and employability immediately out of College is always been the complaint from Corporates in India. This is effectively tackled and is given ultimate care while devising the IEP and a smooth and totally cushioned interface is developed between the institutions and the industry / corporate world for effectively employable produce thus direct absorption by the Corporates.

This makes Institutional Excellence Program, the most sought after by the academic world. The IEP can be effectively introduced for any course ranging from bachelors courses in commerce, business, economics, management, banking, insurance to engineering branches, bio sciences, mathematics or anything you can name.

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