Instructional Design Management:

Entrancemaster has its own approach while designing and managing delivery of creative instructional modules. We believe in Effective Instructional Design for Effective Educational Growth. When a teacher teaches, learners look for knowledge beyond the written curricula and scope. When the teacher delivers the same, the learners are nourished and enlightened. This becomes possible only when the focus turns from teaching facts to concepts. Conceptual clarity in the topics discussed makes learning an interesting and enjoyable process. Take a simple example: In a conventional Mathematics class, the teacher explains the algebraic equation: a + b = b + a.  She will tell them the property name and a few arithmetic examples like 5+2 = 2+5 or 4+7 = 7+4. The student is made to understand that addition can be done either from left to right or from right to left. Over.  But shall we explain them in another two minutes that the algebraic equation: a + b = b + a, is actually the scientific representation of a practical statement? And the practical statement is: Addition from right to left is equal to addition from left to right. We further explain them that when we write this statement on a sheet of paper, it consumes more time, energy, space, ink etc than it takes to represent in scientific terms which is a+b=b+a?  What you need to know is how to translate a practical statement into the language of science and vice versa.  If this is the case with a simple algebraic equation, what all are possible with higher level calculus? – The learner goes back enlightened with investigative intelligence. The same principle is applicable everywhere – even for corporate specific instructional modules.

How about such situations tied up with a daily life example and get visually represented through creative quality rich animations and virtual labs?  Learning span reduces and attention span increases. Miracles happen; and they are not tricks it is the outcome of synergies between intelligence and depth of knowledge of our team coupled with vast domain expertise and experience developing killer applications.

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