The following modules are available in retails for individual institutions:

eLearning Collaboration:

eLearning Collaboration involves full academic monitoring and administration system. Students will be given animations and other visuals, iClass, iLab, iTest etc. besides value added quality rich educational movies and other intellectual development tools, wherever possible, with instant collaboration tools in an internet / intranet enabled environment. All these are done according to the syllabus of the University’s own curriculum.

iClass : iClass involves animated and interactive visuals through the internet explained by the teacher during every class, across subjects. This makes learning easy with high levels of retention capacity. These are routed through the institution’s website and will be customised.

iLab : Virtual laboratory on the net through the Institution’s website which helps the Students to repeat their laboratory experiments.

iTest: Unlimited online testing through the Institution’s website . This can be topic wise, a few topics combined or for the full subject syllabus. Each student gets a different test comprises of different questions every time.

All the student activities can be monitored and reports can be generated at any time by the teachers, Institution’s management and the parents through separate internet logins.

Classroom Enrichment Program:

Classroom Enrichment program will have all the elements of eLearning Collaboration. Apart from that, each student will have printed Lecture Notes (LN) for each lecture delivered by the teacher. The students will have printed Home Assignments (HA) as the teacher completes the topic in the class, either over the internet through the Institution’s website or in paper pen mode. They will also have topic wise Class Tests (CT) in the same mode. Students will have Student Query Forms (SQF) to clear their doubts with teachers in writing. These will be later posted in the website for the benefit of other students. If Institution is not having a website, we shall develop the same for the institution and route all these activities through the College / University website. This program is available for class VIII – XII, across all streams and curricula.

Student Empowerment Program:

Under Student Empowerment Program, students of your Institution can enjoy all the elements of eLearning Collaboration and Classroom Enrichment Program at a higher level. Why at a higher level? The Student Empowerment Program envisages higher depth of analysis and reasoning in mathematics and science subjects than the academic syllabus to make students bold enough to take quicker and precise decisions. SEP will empower them to take on the entrance and competitive examinations at holy ease. This program is available for class VIII – XII, across all streams and curricula.