Teacher Empowerment (Training) Programs:

Entrancemaster provides training and educational consulting services that address a broad range of learning needs of the academia. Teacher Training Programs conducted by Entrancemaster with the help of India’s most respected educationists is again, one of the most sought after programs among teachers.

Teachers’ Empowerment program is be designed to equip teachers with all sorts of arsenals for conceptual and practical teaching. The focus shall be mainly on the relevant syllabus topics. Emphasis will be given on designing the lecture, required out of text data, presentation techniques, creating live practical models (with students involvement) without much work and time, task analysis methods, building in features which generates motivation for active participation and fun, keeping the lecture at learner’s level, sequencing the lecture content for logical and easy interpretation, incorporating students learning style, decision on how much content to be done at one go and accurately defining learners attention spans and ensuring that it is not exceeded, creating readiness to learn, techniques to be employed to ensure participation of every student, designing energizers and breaks, creating easy to update data, measuring learning level, handling responses and solving queries etc. The first section of the course shall deal with psychological aspects of the student - teacher relationship, the mode of delivery and other related general topics. The second section will have subject specific lectures. The lectures are held on each topic of the textbook. The instructional notes on each topic shall be given to teachers after the lecture. The teachers are notified on suggested reading and updating websites on that particular topic. This ensures that the teacher can update the students on the latest. The entire exercise will be done, if available with the school, with a lot of audio visuals, iClass and iLab.

Under Teacher Empowerment Programs, specific subjects and specific classes are dealt with, in an innovative way to contain the student’s attention span and derive better understanding and results.

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