Teacher Orientation Programs:

Entrancemaster provides training and educational consulting services that address a broad range of learning needs of the academia. Teacher Orientation Programs conducted by Entrancemaster with the help of India’s most respected educationists is one of the most sought after programs among teachers.

There are two major challenges in teaching in India. (1) The Delivery Mechanism and (2) the accountability and caliber of teachers. It is time to take a different approach. Though the delivery mechanism of the system cannot be fully changed immediately due to the government controlling structure, ( which is easing out very fast) much improvement can be done within the given constraints, if teachers are trained to optimize their skills and approach. When teaching becomes interesting, learning becomes a passion. Teacher should know that students not only learn from their teachers, they have something to teach them too. This notional reversal of roles is an exciting experience and should be a part of the teaching – learning encounter. Introducing such a scheme may face with a lot of reluctance and resistance from the teaching community. But if we can properly device and deliver it, the results can be just unbelievable.

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