Total Empowerment Program:

Empower autonomous institutions to take on the challenges of  emerging education scenario in view of the National Knowledge Commission recommendations and the imminent policy changes to accommodate overseas universities, catalyzed by the U S Dollar depreciation. Total empowerment of the university is possible by the following process revamp.

Total University Integration:

Indian universities are sitting on huge resources – infrastructure, intellectual capital and a lot of human energy.   But nothing is put to even for its minimal use. Entrancemaster has a specially tasked team to indentify the unknown strengths of our universities and put them for optimum use by integrating resources and process flow by using the latest in technologies and thus develop killer applications for exponentially better performance. 


Net enabling Universities for optimum efficiency and maximized product delivery – Entrancemaster’s mission for the vast number of learners across continents.

One in six people on the Planet Earth live in India.  72% of the population is below 35 years of age; 54% is below 25 years of age and again, 36%  is below 15 years of age and counting.  Easy accessibility of quality education in abundance is the catalyst for sustained economic growth which helps India conquer the world, the soonest.  Primary education requires quality enhancement, more geographic spread and penetration. Higher education needs a strategic revamp for easy accessibility and employable produce.

Under iUniversity, , we plan everything after a proper study of the institution from inside and from outside. Then we use some off the shelf modules and customised university and course specific solutions and implement the process in stages, operate the same for a predetermined time and transfer the project to the University under BOT of BS.

The IUniversity will be highly beneficial for both Campus programs and distance learning programs. The difference will be only in the delivery mechanisms. The iUniversity includes iClass, iCapmus, iLab and iTest.

Interested to know more about this? Universities and other autonomous institutions are requested to contact us for an in campus presentation.