Campus Placement Outsourcing - CPO

Campus Placement Outsourcing is an extended help to upcoming institutions.  Entrancemaster takes up the responsibility of taking the corporate world to your institutions.  It places your students with them depending on their caliber and thus enhances your reputation and increases the potential of attracting more candidates. This is possible with all institutions, irrespective of the nature of education they impart.

Most of the time, simple tricks and logical tactics play an important role in reputation management and that saves a lot of money. For example, JNU, BHU and the IIMs are not advertising to get students to their campus. The money you spend on advertising and in creating intensive publicity promotion can be channelized to build institutions of repute that adds value to institution’s intellectual and economic capital.  Entrancemaster specializes in it and Campus Placement Outsourcing is a part of this game.

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Decision Sciences and Reputation Management of Universities by Entrancemaster to identify your unknown strength and devising a killer application.

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