eLearning: New Dimensions

 It is all about doing things differently. Entrancemaster’s eLearning modules are developed for deeper understanding of the concepts in the simplest way yet with a lot of practical examples to hold the attention span of the learners beyond the conventional limits. Effective Instructional Design which gives the required torque for high action. We work on the following Corporate lines : ‘Optimum Thinking; Minimum Work and Maximum Results’. These modules are developed using the collective inputs of people with more than 12,00,000 man-hours of experience. All the eLearning modules are highly scalable and can be used with minimal infrastructure. This makes our eLearning modules economical, quality rich and become the most sought after ones for both elite institutions and the government tribal schools alike.

We would like to set benchmarks for the industry in this particular domain very soon. The easy to customize modules for schools, institutions and universities are a proactive solution from Entrancemaster to take on the expected aggressive inflow of foreign universities shortly in view of the U S Dollar depreciation and liberal government policies.

When it is about developing customized eContent for Corporates, Universities and other autonomous institutions or for schools, our team makes an inclusive closer analysis before we move from the Start Position.  This coupled with effective instructional design ensures 100% acceptance across the targeted learners and thus smooth delivery and optimized results.  

You just name it; we define it and then prove it; and help you move much ahead of time.

Contact us, if you are thrilled and feel confident. It is yet another killer application from Entrancemaster.