In Campus MH-CET Entrance Training:

The Entrancemaster Coaching:
Entrancemaster’s Coaching is the most sought after coaching programs in Mumbai. Entrancemaster is known for quality rich study materials, testing and best faculty. In the past, we have published books, materials and tests with Education Times, the leading education supplement of the Times of India. Many city colleges have engaged us for in house training for their students in the respective college campuses.    Entrancemaster is well-known for imparting economical and quality rich coaching in colleges.  Entrancemaster is also a content provider to National Genius Search Foundation (NGSF).

Lectures & Faculty

The best visiting faculty in Mumbai is engaged for the students. Most of our teachers are hand picked from well-known institutions like University of Mumbai, IIT, IIG, BARC etc.  The teachers are really the best you have ever enjoyed and have intellectual reservoirs of great depth and breadth to draw from.
The Lectures will be held on weekdays and Sundays.
Study Materials
Elaborate Study Material with solved examples and assignments will be provided not only for Entrance Tests but for HSC Board Exams too. These materials and tests are made in association with the Education Times of the Times of India. The materials are so exhaustive that we ensure there is no further material required to complete your preparation. These lessons are in the form of sets and shall be distributed in the classroom from time to time. Each lesson will contain theory synopsis in a highly classified and well researched format. The intention for the same is to help students remember & quickly retrieve information which will enable them to solve multiple-choice questions rapidly & precisely.

The Approach:

Effective Instructional Design for Effective Educational  Growth
The HSC textbooks are designed with a fair amount of textual and practical data. When a teacher teaches in a class, students look for knowledge beyond textbooks. When the teacher delivers the same, students are nourished and enlightened. This becomes possible only when the focus turns from teaching facts to concepts. Conceptual clarity in the topics discussed makes learning an interesting and enjoyable process. In a conventional Mathematics class, the teacher explains the algebraic equation: a+b =b+a. She will tell them the property name and a few arithmetic examples like 5+2 = 2+5 or 4+7 = 7+4. The student is made to understand that addition can be done either from left to right or from right to left. Over. But shall we explain them in another two minutes that the algebraic equation: a + b = b + a, is actually the scientific representation of a practical statement? And the practical statement is: Addition from right to left is equal to addition from left to right. We further explain them that when we write this statement on a sheet of paper, it consumes more time, energy, space, ink etc than it takes to represent in scientific terms which is a+b=b+a? If this is the case with a simple algebraic equation, what all are possible with higher level calculus? – The student goes home enlightened with investigative intelligence. Yet another example: You are explaining a simple pendulum experiment. First you put the pendulum with a hollow bob into oscillation. You shall explain the period, amplitude etc. Now you shall fill the bob with water and put the pendulum again to oscillation. Make a comparative study. Take a further step by putting a hole at the bottom of the bob and let water drip down. Give the rate of dripping of water. Make a comparative study. We challenge, you need not teach anything more to these students to answer any complicated / tough question from oscillations!

Paper & Pen Testing

Tests are very carefully designed to test the students at every stage of the course.

Short Tests :
On each topic there will be a short test of 25 MCQ's to be solved in 25 minutes. These tests are designed and structured in such a way that the entire topic gets revised fully, once it is solved in the classroom.

Unit Tests :
There will be a Unit test held in both Board Pattern and respective entrance Test  Pattern. This is a cumulative test based on the subjects comprising each set/previous study material unit, thus facilitating revision of the subjects by the student. Detailed explanatory answers would be provided for each Unit Test.

Revision Tests :
There will be five such tests in each topic. These tests will be conducted during from July 2008. These tests are specially designed to revise the topics of each set towards the end of the course. Some of the revision tests are also held in Board Patten.

Booster Doze Tests :
For each and every test you solve in the classroom, we shall do thorough analysis of all questions and it is obvious that a handful of questions fall under difficult category as per a preset criteria. Such very difficult questions shall be ultimately compiled into tests, which are called Booster Doze Tests.

Simulated Entrance Tests :
Full-fledged tests based on and respective entrance Test pattern with explanatory answers are an integral part of the classroom course. These Simulated entrance tests would include moderate to difficult MCQs.

Last 5 years question papers shall be given to the students towards the end of the course for practice. Unlimited Online tests with instant detailed results will also be activated soon through the website.

Feedback from Students  & Periodic Parents’ Feedback Meeting:

Periodic feedback will be elicited from each student corresponding to each topic. This feedback will be acted upon as soon as the topic is over.  Possible and relevant suggestions shall be incorporated to create dynamic improvement in program delivery.
Periodically, parents’ meeting along with the students will be arranged to update parents with a clear idea on how their child is faring and what needs to be done for further improvement. Parents can put forward their suggestions during such meetings and feasible suggestions shall be incorporated in the coaching program.

Study Material:
Exhaustive Study Material will be provided.
6 days a week, including Sundays and holidays.  A predetermined weekday will be off.

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