Comprehensive Institutional Management – CIM

CIM provides the complete customized academic solution for institutions - without altering the Institution’s existing system. Content eConversion to expert lectures, webcasts to Ask Expert, Class notes to teaching, animated syllabus content to Virtual Lab and administration of Tests -Under the CIM, we manage the entire academics and Reputation Management of the Institution using a scientific and systematic approach, the latest but innovative technologies and time tested teaching methodologies. The academic framework and the workflow structure of the Institution, if necessary, will be revamped by involving all or most of the existing faculty (depends on their caliber and upgradation skills). Wherever necessary, the teachers will be trained to enhance their skills by us or if the faculty is not available, our teachers with government prescribed qualifications will be engaged for the institution on a temporary basis. All this will be done after a careful micro analysis of the institutional setup, functioning and business environment.

Apart from full or partial deployment of the faculty, intelligent Curriculum Design, full academic monitoring and administrative system will be in place, wherever possible, with instant collaboration tools in an internet / intranet enabled environment. The students will be subjected to animations and other visuals, iClass, iLab, iTest etc. (Classroom Enrichment Program), besides value added quality rich educational movies and other intellectual development tools. All these are done according to the syllabus of the affiliated Universities or Boards.

Each student will have printed Lecture Notes (LN) for each topic before the topic is taught by the teacher. A webversion of the same will also be available on the institution’s website. The students will have Assignments as the teacher completes the topic in the class, either over the internet through the website or in paper pen mode. They will also have topic wise tests too in the same mode. If school is not having a website, we shall develop the same for the institution and route all these activities through the school website.

Constant Student Performance Analysis and attendance can be monitored by the teacher, student and the parent online, instantly, using separate logins.

On the administrative side, superior technologies will be used for instant access of any student related information in academics. The entire program can be offered and can be monitored visually and through data analysis from a central place too, in case of group of institutions, over the internet / intranet.

Reputation Management (RM) is one of the neglected aspect by many Institutions. Reputation Management is taken very seriously and pushed aggressively by us under CIM as it is the Key for institutional success.

It is not just exotic structures that make Institutions and Universities great. But it is the structured and scientific instructional design, administration, faculty, assessment and certification.  

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