SetRight SM

SetRight is the most sought after program by Schools, Colleges and other Institutions of Excellence and those who wanted to be excellent.  SetRight is a high yield, cost effective, customized and innovative Product (Project) derived using decision sciences (DS) to optimize the given resources and thus enhance exponentially the academic delivery in schools, colleges and institutions of Higher Learning. This ensures higher student satisfaction; parent loyalty and direct industry lift hence reputation.  We categorize academic institutions in India into four different categories, depending on their faculty, infrastructure and approach. 






Excellent Institutions

Innovative and dynamic strategy to stay ahead

Customized Solutions


Potentially Excellent Institutions

Should become excellent in least time.

Customized Solutions


Institutions that require Strategic Support

Tactic approach to become Excellent



Institutions that require Total Revamp

Complete Revamp for Facelift and proclaim Excellence


How We Set Things Right

 The SetRight implementation is done in two stages :  Stage – I : SetRight Analysis and Planning and Stage – II : SetRight Implementation and  Management. SetRight sets your institution on a customized academic track with exponential enhancement of instructional delivery and student parent satisfaction.

Stage –I : SetRight Analysis and Planning:

  • Macro & Micro Analysis of the Institution
  • Defining the Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Identifying the root of weaknesses
  • Identifying ways to pronounce Strength
  • Setting Target & Time Cycle
  • Devising a killer application to hit weaknesses and grab strength
  • Strategic Plan initiation
  • Cost Estimation & Budget Management

Stage – II : SetRight Implementation and Management:

  • Project Acquisition
  • Optimized Resource Management
  • Additional Resource Support for Rapid Turnaround
  • SetRight Project Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Project Control
  • Running the Project
  • Transferring the Project to the Institution

Why SetRight?
Entrancemaster’s SetRight is the quick fix, customized route to excellence and abandon weakness in the shortest possible time.  It enhances efficiency in instructional delivery and institutional image a faster pace than the conventional mechanisms.
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